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1. What are the advantages of having a primary care doctor?
A primary care doctor is your first contact in the confusing world of health care. He or she is your one stop physician who will take care of all your medical needs and direct your care to specialists if you need more specialized care or procedures. The benefits of this comprehensive approach decrease the change of fragmented care.

2. What do I do to visit the doctor?
Even thought walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred. So, call (281)556-0200 and make your appointment! Bring your insurance card, driver’s license, copayment and/or deductible. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit to fill out paperwork. For a speedy check-in, print the forms online, fill them out, and fax in to (281)556-0205 or bring them along with you.

3. What if I cannot keep my appointment?
In situations when you cannot make it to the appointment, please notify the staff 24 hours in advance to prevent disruption of the clinic schedule. If you do not show for a scheduled appointment without informing the staff properly for the third time, you may be billed $25.

4. Do I need to call my insurance to change doctors?
If your insurance is a PPO, usually you will not have to change doctors. However, if your insurance is a HMO or a capitated plan, then you need to change your Primary Care Physician one day before the clinic appointment.

5. How do I come prepared for my physical?
Please come with a list of all your medications with dosages or preferably your pill bottles and any old medical records that you may have in your possession. If blood work is desired, then please come without eating at least eight hours prior to your appointment so lab work can be drawn in the same visit. You can take your medications with water on that day. If you came in fasting, notify the front desk at your arrival.

6. How do I refill my medications?
During your visit, notify the doctor of all the medications that you are running out of so that new prescriptions can be made out and given to you or faxed to your pharmacy. If you have no more refills on your bottles, call your pharmacy to fax the doctor’s office a refill request. The approved refill will be faxed back to the pharmacy. Keep your follow up appointments so there is no interruption in getting your medicines. Allow 48 hours during the business week and 72 hours near weekends to get your refills.

7. How do I know my lab results?
Results of all labs and investigations are called in within 10 days of your test. If you do not hear from us for two weeks, call the office.